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Advent Calendar 2023 has arrived!!

RU Chocolate is committed to making a difference in the world, and this season, we’re spreading love and hope to the children of Venezuela. Our advent calendars are not only designed to delight with delicious chocolate treats, but a percentage of the profits will be donated to provide food, clothes, and baby items for those in much-needed areas of Venezuela. Donations are also accepted, and with every purchase, you can help us bring smiles to children’s faces.

Horchata Bon Bons

Make someone's day,
a little sweeter!  

RU Chocolate is a woman owned business that specializes in Latin-infused handmade chocolates. We take great pride in our heritage and use only the freshest ingredients to create our signature treats. Whether you’re looking for something to indulge in yourself or a special gift for a loved one, we have a wide selection of premium chocolates to choose from.

We invite you to explore our shop and discover the delicious flavors of RU Chocolate and Latin America.

Order your chocolates today!!

About Us 

See our passion for chocolate and how we transform chocolate into little bites of heaven!


Check out our best sellers such as the Strawberry Cheesecake, Mango Chamoy, Horchata, and many more!

Custom Bon Bons

At RU Chocolate, we believe that the right chocolate can make any occasion special. Whether you’re looking for something to sweeten up your wedding day or custom bon bons for a special event, we’ve got you covered.

Our chocolates are made with only the highest quality ingredients, and each piece is crafted with passion and care. Stop by our shop today to explore our selection or to create something special for your next occasion.

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